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In order to submit software, you'll need to create an Author account with us. Creating an account is free, and will allow you to manage your Windows software submissions, track your download statistics and much more.
No reseller accounts!
We do not accept any reseller, co-branded or other clones of original software.
Requirements for Author accounts.
We are requiring all author accounts to have a top level domain (.com,.net,.yourcountry etc.) name registered and used as the home page for the product. We will not accept any software products that use anonymously hosted web space for their web presence. Domain names are available for less than $10 a year, and there is no reason for a legitimate software company or author not to register a domain name.
This rule does not apply to freeware programs.
Advertising supported software (Adware)
We do not accept software that installs third party advertising or tracking components of any kind, regardless of disclosure or not!

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